How To Submit A Dropship Order

  • Take a look & shop around on the website
  • Once you have your customers order together, email our business email to have your order fulfilled.

All orders are being taken manually. Payment is via paypal, with an invoice. 

  • Please INCLUDE Correct Customer Shipping Address (who the hair is shipping to), if you are shipping hair to yourself and not the customer, make sure to supply your address instead of the customer.
  • INCLUDE Type Of Shipping (Standard, Overnight)
  • Email in your order, and wait for an invoice.
  • After you have ordered you will receive a tracking number to your email address. Shipping information is sent over via email, after each order is processed and dropped to be shipped out. Forward or send your customer tracking information so they can track their package!

No Fee For Preorders

Dropship Fee : $10.00 Per Order


Contact Us On Facebook, For Faster Service. 

Allow Up To 12-48 hours For STOCK Items To Ship & Receive Tracking